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X-MEN EVO [15 pairs]
by :D (pipebomb_here)
at December 16th, 2006 (02:39 am)

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Here we go.. some fanfics for everyone =3

Ok a few things.... thanks to Raph for proffreading and sorry if theres some OOC on pairs... first time I've done any of them [minus the Todd/Lance one]


Tittle: Take Advantage
Pair: Lance/Todd [AvalancheXToad]
Hintings: Todd/Kurt
Rating: N-17 SEX
Theme: 5. shut up and listen
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Take Advantage

There was a loud noise followed by heaving breaths and a small squeak here and there from someone. The door was kicked shut by a tall male. Said male kicked his shoes off and tugged the other teens T-shirt off as he pushed him onto the bed and pinned him down. In a hurried and sloppy action the older boy removed his jacket and T-shirt before he pinned the smaller boy’s arms above his head and bit at his neck, causing another slight squeal of pain.

"M..man, be...be a little more careful, yo!" Toad hissed as he wriggled underneath Lance, feeling him sit up and pull his pants off, kicking them off the side of the bed.

"Shut up," came the husky reply as he undid Todd's belt and pulled it out, pulling away the scrawny males jeans and casting them to the floor with all the other pieces of forgotten clothing.

Again Toad felt himself pinned down and being abused with harsh nips and kisses along his neck. The teen felt a shudder down his spine and tingled all over, twitching and wriggling at each little nip, kiss and touch.. everything driving his senses crazy. He was now aware his member was fully hard from the attention and the fact he was pinned under the stronger of them. He sighed a little and felt a slight blush on his cheeks as he was pinned down even harder by Lance's bodyweight fully on him.

Lance kept saying to himself that he wasn't gay that he didn't enjoy touching another male like this.. he kept telling himself Todd was near enough a girl.. Admittedly an UGLY girl but, from behind, a girl none the less, and he had so many bottled up emotions and needs that no woman would help him relieve. Todd winced and pressed the palms of his hands against his chest keeping him at bay even for a short moment of time.

"Lance, man, I don't wanna do this no more, yo.." he said and made a little yowl from a harsh bite.

Todd had been aware for a while he liked both men and woman. Hell, he was only doing this with Lance now because he was mad at Kurt for leaving him for that annoying stalker girl... he felt he needed this to get over the furry blue teen and to have some sort of revenge.. and he knew just how needy Lance tended to get, but how he wished he hadn't invoked the rock mover.

"Toad... you can't just say that now you know.. not when you got me all worked up over it.." Lance growled and pushed his hands back to either side of his head. "It's not like your even a virgin there.. we've done this before haven't we?" He snapped.

"I know.. b..but I still...dig Kurt, ya know..." Todd bit his lip and carried on wriggling underneath Lance.

"Well, should have thought of that..." he mumbled and grabbed Todd's hands, putting them together and grabbing the discarded belt. He used it to tie Todd's hands together.

"Lance!" He protested with wide eyes when he felt the leather bite into his wrists.. he moved his arms trying to get free.. Damn, why did he have the horrible feeling Lance was used to doing this sort of thing?

"I said SHUT UP," Lance grunted in irritation, and ran a hand through his unruly hair.

Lance grabbed the boy and turned him over so he was face first in the pillow and his bottom half stuck in the air. He took the time to look over the smaller boy’s body.. pale and smooth looking, even if he did have what looked like the start of a hunched back... he shrugged it off and ran his hands over the back, feeling each little bump of his spine. The way his longish hair fell on his back also made him look rather feminine.

Todd shivered and jolted a little when he felt rough fingertips over his back, tickling a little as he went on.. this was good but also bad.. his mind was screaming at him for getting himself into such a mess but the other half of him told him this is what he needed.. if Kurt was going to neglect his needs then this sure did beat jerking off.. He yelped a little when Lance got in place and spread his legs more.

"Aww come on, yo...this is like rape..." he mumbled and jumped up a little when a hand came crashing down on his ass, wincing at the sting and the loud slap of flesh on flesh that rang in his ears.

Lance leaned forward and breathed in the submissive and bound boy’s ear, nipping the top ever so slightly, enough to tease and close enough so Toad knew he was smirking ever so slightly... his whole body shook from the sensations and the slight excitement this was bringing to him.. Hell, he was harder then a rock right now even if this was more forcefully then he'd ever had to deal with.

"Shut up and listen."

"La-" another harsh slap to his ass was given as a reward for not obeying the other.

"I said... listen Toad.... I wont make a habit of this... I'm NOT a fag like you and elfboy...I just need some .. ya know.. relief before I get crushed by the weight of my own balls... this is nothing personal, ok? And if you tell anyone I'll more than likely do worse to you.. ok?" He hissed into his ear, getting into position.

Todd just nodded, not wanting to get another harsh slap from Lance. He was rough as it was, so why ask for more punishment than needed? He shrugged it off and felt Lance get ready..

Lance rubbed his member against Todd's entrance and then looked down at the shaking teenager... this was going to hurt and he didn't really want to hurt the boy that much... as gross as this request was going to be.

"Toad give me your tongue... give me head while your there, huh? Might make things a little easier too..." he smirked.

Todd gave another nod and his long green tongue wound between his own legs and around the males member, gripping it tight and starting to pump it up and down. He was used to this from his nights with Kurt.. he was always skilled with his tongue on and off the battle field, and was always proud of his skills. Lace felt his eyes roll back a little. That was nice. He tried to ignore the fact it was Todd's tongue on his member but soon felt it was enough to penetrate Toad without ripping the teenager in two.

"Ok put that thing back in your mouth"

The long tongue when back to Todd’s mouth, and he winced a little at the taste.. like himself Lance was never a fan of washing everyday... He pulled a face at that thought but buried his head into the pillow knowing that Lance was about to get the party started. Lance grabbed the male’s slender hips and held them tight as he slowly pushed the head of his member into Todd’s ass. Todd winced and bit into the pillow, and grabbed at it with his bound hands, feeling Lance enter him.

He forgot how much bigger and less gentle than Kurt the older male was... he cried out softly as he felt more of Lance's erect member slip into his anus, suddenly more than glad for it being coated in his own slime...

Once fully in Lance let out a pleased moan and started to get a pace going. He had to admit.. Todd was good at what he did and even better at just taking it. He started to go harder each time, pushing a little more of himself in and letting out moans of pleasure.

"Like that?" He panted down at Todd, who only squeaked in muffled response.

As Lance carried on with his rough and sometimes sloppy thrusts, Todd started to enjoy it.. He moaned out each time Lance hit a certain spot, as rare as that was... Lance was a pretty crappy gay lover, he mused to himself in a small victory kind of way. He cried out when Lance carried on hitting that same spot. Was he doing it on purpose now? He was getting close but he needed a little something just to help himself...

Once again his long tongue shot out but this time the slimy appendage wound around his own member, he could already taste the precum, but that didn't bother him at all. After all he ate flies for the love of good... He wrapped it around harder and felt flushed in the face.. he jerked the appendage around his member in time with Lance's thrusts, making muffled moans. Lance sped up and closed his eyes, trying to think he was with someone else... though this did feel good...

A few more hard thrusts and Lance cried out in ecstasy, and the room started to shake from his climax, throwing a few things off the walls and breaking them. He panted a little and rode out his climax feeling his seed fill the males asshole and drip out around him.. He carried on a little and that’s when Toad cried out in his own pleasure, and came hard. He panted and retracted his tongue before he fell flat on the bed trying to catch his breath.

"Well..t..that wasn't half bad.." Lance chuckled, moving away and examining the now messy Todd as he stood and got cleaned off, putting his clothes on.

He looked the boy over once more leaving his hands bound.. might even keep him out of trouble for awhile and allow him to have some peace and quite.. Lance opened the door and jumped when he was face to face with a smirking Pietro, who glanced over his shoulder, seeing the naked and messy Todd. He just smirked more as Lance shut the door and stepped out.

"Don't say a wor-" Lance was about to finish in a threatening tone.

"Oh no, no, no.... I've got something good.. so now you can shut up and listen.." Pietro folded his arms and smirked cruelly.


Tittle: Static Shock
Pair: Tabby X Ray [BoomBoomXBerserka]
Rating: G
Theme: 6. Piggyback Ride
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Static Shock

Ray stretched a little as he got out of school, definitely NOT his favorite place on earth, that was for sure. With everything that had been going on at the mansion he'd felt side tracked and fallen back on homework a little, and now he was getting hell from his math teacher. It wasn't like it was a fun lesson anyway so he didn't care really.. but then again he didn't need anyone else on his back.

He walked down the steps and turned left.. He was late out of class and doubted anyone had really hung around. Ah well gave him an excuse to hit the arcade before he headed home anyway. The teen was about to carry on walking when he heard a 'YAAA!' and felt someone jump on his back.

"Heeey, Ray."

"Hey, Tabby," he said, and tried to keep himself balanced, gripping her legs as she put her arms around him and grinned like a loon. This was the first time he'd really seen her since she'd left them and gone to stay with the Brotherhood.

"Aren't you happy to see me?" She pouted a little and kicked at his sides, gently urging him to walk.

"It's not that, but... you aren't THAT light, you know..." he chuckled a little but yelped when she hit him over the head.

"I'll have you know I've LOST weight... like there’s ANYTHING to eat at the Brotherhood.." she rolled her eyes and nuzzled him with a child-like grin.

"Why did you leave anyway?" He asked and walked.. He was getting used to her weight now.

"Wasn't my style... all those rules and curfews... wasn't really me. At least a Moron Manner I can do what I want and when I want, I can even take Lance's ride," the blond girl said and pointed the direction she wanted Ray to turn next.

"I'm surprised you've been able to deal with them so long."

"The rules and curfews are pretty annoying, but at least there’s a roof over my head and food, and I can train my powers, can't see that really happening at that place," Ray shrugged a little.

The two headed towards the park. It was pretty empty this time of day, other than a few old people walking their dogs, it was pretty nice here. Ray looked around and saw a bench. His back was starting to kill. He went to put the girl down but she clung to him harder and pouted a little.

"Aw come on just a little bit more-" she cooed.

He rolled his eyes a little. She always had the power to charm a guy, he mused, and it was nice seeing her again, not that things were ever dull at the mansion but there was so many things she'd liked to have done, and would have made five times better. Like their joyrides.. But she was pretty against everything at the moment. He could see why, but still... why didn't she just come back?


"You know we all kinda miss you. Nightcrawler was bummed about it for weeks... I think he really liked you."

"I miss everyone too, but I can see you guys at school so it’s no biggy, really? You’ll have to call me next time there’s a party.. I heard how the last one went - sounded like a blast!" She laughed a little and let go of the teen, dropping off his back and stretching.

"Wow, I sure am tired after all, I think it's time I head home," she said, and looked at him with her arms above her head.

"YOU’RE tired? Che.." he rubbed his aching back and watched her.

"Well... it's been nice but I have to get back.. Say ‘Hi’ to the others for me ok?" She asked and looked forward.

"Yeah, I will, and you know if you get sick of those walking jokes you can come back."

" Yeah, yeah I know" Tabby smiled a little and leaned up, kissing the other blond on the cheek before moving off and waving her hand at him.

He touched his cheek and rubbed it a little. At least she was still the same old Tabby...



Tittle: Picture Perfect
Pair: Risty X Rogue
Rating: g
Theme: 9. photograph
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Picture Perfect

"I'm glad we could do this," Risty chuckled a little and linked arms with Rogue, pulling her along.

"Ah really don't like the mall much..." Rogue protested, but let her friend pull her into the busy-looking building. She only came in if there was a book or CD she HAD to have. Normally the mall was too full of people for her liking.

"Oh don't be so silly! It’s about time you let lose and had a good old mall crawl, darling!" Risty rolled her eyes a little and brushed her bangs away from her face.

"What do you want to do first? There has to be SOMETHING you'd like to do?"

"Well.." Rogue bit the tip of her glove in thought and looked around the large place, trying to remember what was around. The last time she came to the mall was so long ago, and she only came to help Kitty or whatever.

"Oh look, Rogue.. Doesn’t that seem like fun?" Risty pointed toward a small looking store.

A large sign in the window read 'Photo fun: Dress up, come with friends, come alone or come as yourself!' Rogue squinted a little and looked at the display window. Old fashiond outfits on either side being warn by mannequins... could Risty be serious? She had never dressed up, not even as a child for Halloween. Risty just chuckled and took Rogue's silence as a go. The two walked in and booked.

"Come on.. haven't you dressed up before? It’s alot of fun,” Risty said looking at the large box of outfits and hats, picking up a cowboy hat and placing it on Rogue's head.

"Ha, ha very funny," she frowned and pulled the hat off, but stared as Risty put on a top hat, and giggled.

"That’s the spirit, start getting into it. No one’s even here to see us act like fools."

"Ah guess..." Rogue mused and nodded a little, walking over to the box to see what there was.

"How about this?" Risty chuckled and pulled out a little boo beep costume, and Rogue just gave her a look.

"You gotta be kidding me..." she chuckled a little too. She always felt better about things when she was with Risty; she was her first real friend. Sure everyone was nice enough at the mansion, but... she didn't know how to explain it.

"This?" she pulled out bat wings.

"Oh how cliché, Rogue.. But I like." She then dug around and found a pair of glittery angel wings.. She grinned and found a halo and horns.

"Lets go have our picture done, huh?" Risty said, leaning over and putting the headband with the horns on Rogue’s head, and a halo on her own head.

The two girls stood in front of a backdrop while the photographer got in place and aimed the camera at them.. Rogue looked at her fee,t a little nervous. She wasn’t one for this sort of thing... Risty grinned and put an arm around Rogue, and gave the peace sign. "Come on Rogue... smile!" She poked her friend, who offered a small smile - and then there was a flash.

"See, was that so bad?"

"How many copies, girls?" The man asked.

"Two please. Don’t worry I'll pay. Consider this a little gift, hmm?" Risty smiled at Rogue, who nodded a little.

A little while later the man came out with the pictures, and the girls left looking at their own copy. "See, now that was fun, wasn't it?" Risty asked with her arm still linked with Rogue’s. The pale teen nodded. It had been pretty fun, she guessed, and the company had been nice too..

"It was but.. look at the time, I have to get back to the mansion for a family meeting of sorts.. Sorry I'm cutting out on you like this.. we can go to the mall tomorrow or something?" Rogue asked, looking at her friend, feeling a bit bad she had to just up and leave.

"It's fine," Risty nodded her head a little, then brushed her bangs off her face.

With that, Rogue was gone. Risty looked at the photo and sighed... if Rogue was to ever know who she was... they'd loose even this time they had together... When would things just be ok?



Tittle: Lovers Come And Go, But Friends Are For Always
Pair: Kurt X Kitty [ShadowcatXNightcrawler]
Hintings: Amanda/Kurt :: Lance/Kitty
Rating: G
Theme: 14. friends first, lovers second
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Lovers Come And Go, But Friends Are For Always

Kurt walked down the hall of the Mansion, brushing his bangs back a little and making sure he looked ok. It had been a few weeks since he and Amanda had stared dating, and it was amazing. He didn't think anyone could love him when he looked like THIS, but she liked it... as odd as that was, he was happy he'd found someone that loved him for who he was... fur and all.

The teen grinned to himself and walked further down the hall, but paused.. his ears twitched a little.. Did he hear crying? He paused more and pressed his ear against the door.. Sounded like Kitty crying... He tapped on the door and heard the girl trying to stop herself before calling a 'come in!' He opened the door and offered her a small smile. "Ah, Kitty.. How are you?" He asked, shutting the door as he walked over to her.

"I'm ok..." the girl said, rubbing her eyes.


"Lance was being a total jerk on the phone!" She explained, and threw herself back into her pillows and sobbed.

"Well.. Lance IS a total jerk... they ALL are from the Brotherhood," he chuckled and sat on her bed ,looking her over and frowned. He knew how much Lance meant to her.. He had no idea why she'd be drawn to someone who could shake down the house if they got pissed off.. Then again he wasn't an over hormonal teenage girl for a start.

"What did he say?" He placed a hand on her back, rubbing slightly to try and calm her down.

"He was just, like.. totally insulting this place and totally snuffed my idea of him coming here and learning to control his powers...h..he said he didn’t need this place and he didn't need me!" With that she sobbed harder into her pillow.

"Kitty... you know Lance says alot of things he doesn't mean when he’s mad... granted that IS most of the time..." he chuckled a little to himself, trying his best to cheer the girl up. He hated seeing her upset.. and this seemed to be really killing her. Why didn't that moron realise he had a good thing going with her?

"I know.. I mean, I'd like to change for him.. ya know?" She said, sitting up a little.

Kurt nodded and felt the alarm on his inducer go off. He jumped a little but glanced at it.. He suddenly remembered where he needed to be and that he was late! He winced and got up, looking down at himself, then to Kitty. "Oh man, I'm going to be late!" He whined and went for the door.



"Oh.." she looked down sadly.

"Are...you going to be alright?"

"I guess..."

Kurt bit his lip and looked at her.. she was so upset and being alone wasn't going to do her any good, and he was one of the few people that could help her with this. Jean and Scott were so into each other it wasn't even funny.. the new recruits were far too childish, and getting advice on dating from someone like Wolverine wasn't an option... Kurt walked back to her and sat down.

"So... fancy a movie and some ice-cream? I know Scott bought some-" he said with a goofy grin.

"What about Amanda?" She was brushing her eyes dry once more.

"I know... but I want to be here for you, Kitty... your my friend," he sat back down and smiled a little.. He hated missing dates with Amanda but this was more important.. Lovers came and went but good friends were hard to come by.... he knew that all to well.

"So... ice-cream?"

"You’re a great friend, Kurt.. Thank you." She sat up and wrapped her arms around his neck and nuzzled a little. Kurt just grinned and wrapped his arms around her, rubbing her back, feeling her calm down.

"I try... now, about that ice-cream?" He grinned evilly, and knew he'd be killed for taking it.



Tittle: Bitter Sweet
Pair: Gambit X Rogue
Hintings: Amanda/Kurt, Lance/Kitty, Scott/Jean , Rogue/Scott
Rating: G
Theme: 15. always a bridemaid
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Bitter Sweet

Jean brushed back a few stray pieces of hair and looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was up and a white veil held everything in place. She glanced behind her and saw Rogue and Kitty both wearing light pink bridesmaids outfits. Kitty seemed to glow with joy for her friend and really suited the delicate outfit, but the gothic teen had a slight frown on her face and looked so out of place in a dress..

"Like, I totally can't believe you and Scott are, like, getting married!" Kitty giggled a little and stood up, her pink dress swaying a little as she walked over to Jean and grinned at their reflections.

"I know.. it's a shock isn't it? I mean.. I never would have thought Scott of all people could be that romantic.. I always thought he was far too stiff and sensible to ask me to marry him, not long after we graduated.." she mused a little and smiled at Kitty.

"I guess it;s because we don't have half as many problems in our lives any more... sure mutants are still treated badly, but we don't see much of the Brotherhood any more.... at least in THAT way," Kitty mused, biting her lip a little, and backed away letting Jean stand.

Jean wore a modest white dress; nothing that made her look like a giant marshmallow, but nothing too simple: it was just perfect, like the day was. Storm had promised them good weather and that’s just what they were getting. Jean slipped on her white shoes and chuckled at the girls. She'd picked Kitty and Rogue for bridesmaids and thought she'd made the right choice. They’d been with her for so long and how could she say no to someone as bouncy as Kitty?

"Oh right, you brought Lance, didn't you?"

"Mmmhmm.. took a bit to get him into a suit, and do something with his hair, though.." she rolled her eyes at that thought.

"Rogue.. are you ok? You are pretty quiet.." Jean asked, brushing some hair back and turning to look at the pale faced girl.

Rogue seemed so solemn and out of touch with everyone these days, she stared off into space alot and only Kurt could really get much out of her. It must have been hard, not being able to touch anyone to be intimate.. or even hold someone’s hand.. She must have felt bad about being at a wedding.. Rogue never showed her interest in things like this but deep down she was still a typical female.. Longed for love and to find 'the one', settle down and have a family. But how could someone who couldn't touch anyone without causing them pain be able to do that?

Jean did feel bad about asking Rogue to be her bridesmaid, not just because touch was something she'd never be allowed, but she had always had a thing about Scott.. She pushed it aside and looked at Rogue, who jumped a little at being addressed.

"Huh? Ah'm fine," she replied, and sat up, brushing down the dress before standing.

"You look REALLY great, Jean," Kitty gushed and giggled once more.

"Yeah, ya look real nice," Rogue added with a simple smile.

Ever since the day she had seen Scott propose to Jean her mind had been elsewhere. All the times she could have been there for him, all the times she should have plucked up the courage to do something.. Jean was with Duncan for so long Rogue had so many prime chances.. Like at the Sadie Hawkins dance.. But no, she always let him slip by and she missed so many chances to be able to be with him.

She'd have given anything to just be with him for a little.. it didn't even have to be long term, it could have been for a week for all she cared, she just wanted to be near him and know he loved her. Who the hell loved her anyway? Sure she had friends and a brother... kind of.. But she craved love more then anything. She sighed, inwardly and tried to put on a brave face. There was nothing she could do now anyway, what’s done is done.

"Aw, thanks guys." Jean smiled and hugged them both gently before picking up her bouquet.

There was a knock at the door and Jean put her hand out making the door open, and she saw Kurt standing there with a large grin on his face wearing a suit, his tail waving behind him proudly. "Ladies, are you almost ready?" He asked and walked in a little bit, looking the girls over. They did all look lovely.

"Oh yes, thanks Kurt. We'll be down in a moment, ok?" Jean said.

"Of course, and by the way.. you all look very lovely," he chuckled and gave them a wink before he bamfed out of the room.

Rogue coughed a little and waved a gloved hand in front of her face, did he have to do that? Were the stairs really too much to ask for? He was getting lazy with that power.. Then again she'd be dong the same if she had it, she thought, as she followed the others out the room. This was it, she sighed... be happy, Rogue.. they’re your friends.. they’re nice people.... I told you...didn't I? the voice in her head said.. She shook her head a little.

Her and Kitty walked behind Jean, holding their own bunch of flowers to compliment the larger bouquet that belonged to Jean. Rogue looked around.. The professor had never looked so proud.. He sat there with a smile on his face and talked to Strom. She blinked and had to chuckle a little.. Sulking at the fact he had to wear a suit, Logan sat with his arms folded.. First time he had ever looked so.. smart.. The new recruits were all present, as was a spiked up Evan.

Kitty waved her hand into the crowd and Rogue squinted a little, seeing who she was waving to, and sure enough there was Lance waving back. Their relationship had always been so touch and go, but they'd made it.. Kurt kissed Amanda on the cheek before he stood and waited near Scott, he'd be the best man, after all. Rogue felt her heart sink as they finally got to the alter and heard them say their vows.

One day someone would want to say those words to her, but how long would they even last? She could never have a family or have sex.. and wasn't that what was always on a guys mind? Sex? She mumbled a little but carried on putting on her poker face, watching Scott and Jean kiss and everyone clap.. She joined in and watched as they left the stage.

A little later everyone was at the after party.. eating and drinking.. being happy and congratulating Jean and Scott non stop. Rogue sat alone on a bench from afar, watching the calibrations... She took a deep sigh and chucked her bouquet aside with a frown. Stupid powers... she huffed more and blinked when someone sat down next to her.

"Ah I like roses," Gambit said, picking the bouquet up and pulling out a single white rose, twirling it in his fingers.


"Thought you could use some company, darlin,'" he smiled and handed her the rose. "A pretty flower for a pretty lady huh?"

"I don't need company," she mumbled and looked at the flower, then at Gambit.... she felt her lips creeping into a small smile as she took the rose and sniffed it softly.

"Things'll get better, ya know," he said, looking at her with the same charming smile he was known for, as he leaned closer to her.


"Yeah.. just gotta trust ol' Remy on that one, darlin,'" he winked at her and saw her shiver a little.. It was getting cold as the sun started to set. He took off his long trench coat and put it around her shoulders.

"I know for a fact."



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Mmmmm. Very hot. I love Lance's casual approach to buttsecks. Heheh. Thanks for posting it!

(I only read the porny Todd/Lance one. Am I a bad person?)

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