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Ugly Part One [Song Fic] Todd x Kurt X-men evo
by :D (pipebomb_here)
at January 25th, 2007 (05:13 pm)

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Tittle: Ugly
Fandom: X-men Evo
Pair: Todd/Toad X Kurt/Nightcrawler
Rating: N-17
Type: Song fic
Disclaim: I own nothing and song is by The Exies [sp]

lyrics are Kurts pov non are Toad's

Been AGES since I did a songfic..

Are you ugly?
A liar like me?

Kurt looked at himself in the cracked and broken mirror and let out a
deep sigh.. why did he look this way? Why did he have to look like
such a freak? He stood back giving his blue-self one more look. He
turned on the inducer and watched the blue fur fade away into
normality… he wound his tail around his leg and mumbled.

He left the bathroom and looked around, no one around… he tip toed a
little in case another of the brotherhood happened to be around. He
opened the door to toad’s room and saw him sprawled out naked, on his
belly looking bored as he played with a yo-yo.

“Man what took you so long? Your worse then a chick, yo” Toad groaned
in annoyance and looked the other over.

“Why ain’t cha blue no more?”

“I don’t like seeing…’that’ blue…” Kurt commented and sat on the edge
of the bed rubbing his neck a little.

Him and Toad had been an active pair for a few months now, he never
knew just how badly the way he saw himself would affect something
like sex... then again until he moved here, until he got this close
to Toad, he’d never thought about such things..

The blue furred male looked over Toad’s body.. he was pale.. scrawny..
webbed feet to match that of his hands.. he could always see a slight
inhuman tint to the smaller boys skin.. and he had a chubby face…
toad like feathers of corse.. but at least he could pass as some what

That’s what he could never understand. he looked normal so why did
he always hunch? Crouch and hop? He’d do ANYTHING to have a normal
hide… so he’d never have to reply on some gizmo to become acceptable to the
public to himself.

Toad itched his ear a little and turned around propping himself up on
his elbows idly winding the yo-yo back up as he watched Kurt. “There
ain’t nothin’ wrong with it blue, fool” he shook his head a little.

“You mean it?” Kurt asked with a slight hint of hope in his voice.

“Would I lie to you baby-cakes?”

Kurt just gave him a look and buried his face in his hands.. Toad
just huffed. Why did he have to get like this? All pouty and self
hating? He was WORSE then a chick sometimes.

A user, a lost soul?
Someone you don’t know

Toad grinned more as he pushed Kurt down onto the bed, his rear end
in the air and tail slumped to the side… something he just couldn’t
hide when it came to doing this... in moments of passion and excitement
it felt like the spaded appendage had a life all of its own.

“Be gentle this time ja?” Kurt said as he buried his head into the pillow..
why did he even do this if it still hurt? Toad was always so… rough
like sex was all he ever wanted and was more then happy to pound the
hell out of him.

“How many times we been doing this, yo?”

“I..I Know..b..but…”

“Whatever.. I’ll be gentle with you, right?” Toad rolled his eyes a
little and put his webbed hands on the others furry hips.

The inducer could conceal a lot of things but the fur... anyone could
feel it if they brushed against him wrong. Toad pushed his member
into Kurt’s opening hearing him let out a feral growl of mixed pain
and pleasure… his oddly shaped hands gripped at the pillow even
harder as he bit.

Small tears pricked his eyes as he felt Todd pull out and re enter.
Why did he do this… why? Why not find a girl to really enjoy this
sort of thing with? That’s right. Every girl found him ugly. Toad
made him feel some what attractive...needed...wanted..

But was that a good reason to be with someone? Was Toad using him?
And did he… did he mind being used?

Money it’s no cure
A Sickness so pure

“TOAD!” Kurt yelled gritting his teeth and swatting at him again.

“Man what IS your problem, yo!” Toad hissed and batted Kurt’s hands
away from him.

“How many times do I have to tell you… stealing… I don’t like it”

“Oh I’m sorry we don’t got money comin’ outta our asses down here in
the brotherhood, I’m sorry we can’t get good jobs an’ I’m so sorry we
don’t have everything just GIVEN’ to us.” Todd snapped back doing
wild hand gestures.

“There you go again!” Kurt just stepped back throwing his arms up in


“Jealous of vat we have at the mansion!”

“Oh fuck you blue boy, fuck you in the ear” Toad spat and sat on the
sofa folding his arms, pissed off. Kurt was never going to
understand him...

“Well that IS all you seem to want to do with me!”

“An’ even then it’s getting’ hard cause your all self hatin’ and shit, yo”

“I….this is about you straling Toad… you TOOK money from that man, I
saw you… right in broad day light”

“If you got the skills… “ Toad smirked a little. it had been a good grab.

“I… just can’t believe you… you promised me you’d stop… you told me
that you loved me enough to kick that habbit..and your back to it?
How long?”


“How.long.Toad” he hissed his tail twitching in agravaton.

“Aww fuck man.. a week… maybe?”

Are you like me?
Are you ugly?

“Why do you do it.. wh..when you promised me Toad?” Kurt sat down
next to him on the dirty beat up sofa.. he sighed deeply and put his
hands in his hair starying down at the many stains on the carpet.

“It ain’t easy being here… it ain’t easy being on the bottom of the
food chain..” he put his feet up on the table and stared at the
turned of TV.

“I…I just don’t understand how you can lie, cheat.. steal all the
time. I mean I’m even looking for a job and what if my inducer had
one of its cutting off phases and I was.. I don’t know… serving
someone? At least you look normal..”

“Babycakes, you ain’t ever gunna know what it’s like to be me, you
got it good… an’ I ain’t much better in the looks department.. least
you got that dohicky to help, yo. I’m always this way..”

Kurt looked at Toad… for once abit of the real him was showing? Or
was this another of his many lies? Did toad really... dislike
himself? He was always so loud... so confident... OVERLY so sometimes.
But now, for once... he saw Toad wasn’t that different from him.

They both longed to be accepted, Kurt was always more open about it
but Toad. He always kept it bottled up, stuffed it down deep so how
was he supposed to know? Todd pulled his knees to his chest and hid
his face. His messy hair framing his face and aiding to hide it.


“Man... jus’ go.. ok? I’m sorry I took the money. I’m sorry I need it to live”

“Todd…” he reached his hand out, but stopped. He knew what it was
like just to want to be alone…with that he bamfed and was gone.

We are dirt, we are alone
You know we're far from sober!

Toad ignored the smell of sulfur that soon filled the air around
him. He coughed a little and rasied his head, he rubbed his eyes
he’d been bordering on crying. Maybe he did love Kurt and maybe he
did hate himself for being the way he was?

But that’s the only way he knew how to live, it was his lifestyle it
was the brotherhood life style. Or did he just tell himself that to
make himself feel like he had a place to fit in?

The silence seemed to stretch out forever till he heard the door open
and watched Lance storm in and slam the door hard knowing over a
panting, there was a smash and he winced a little closing an eye the
other following Lance in a curious nature.

“Fuck, whats gotten into you?”

“Kitty” he growled causing the whole house to shake. Toad bounced on
the couch a little and gripped the arm.

“Yeah, what about her?”

“She just wont see sense! I’m just not good enough for her!
Everything I do seems like it doesn’t matter… it’s like she wants me
to change..yeah sure, that’s fine, I can do that I really can.. but
the changes she’d want… I’d be a totally different person” he grunted
out in frustration and kicked the table over knowing Chinese take out
boxes all over the place.

“Heh, I know jus’ what you mean bro” he shrugged a little.

“People like the X-Men.. they ain’t ever gonna be happy with the
likes of us.. never” Toad said simply.


Back at the mansion Kurt lay on his bed glaring up at the ceiling
watching as the shadows form outside danced on the white. He sighed
and turned looking to his bedside draws… even when he was with Toad...
he felt so alone.

Like Toad was there but didn’t see him or rather.. just saw through
him like he didn’t matter like he only wanted to know him when he was
praising him. Then again Kurt saw Toad for the first time, not the
loud mouth brotherhood mutant toad but… the person inside.. Todd
Tolensky.. and now.. he was confused.

We are fake, we are afraid
You know it’s far from over

“Ya know, Lance is thinking’ of going public ‘bout us all being
mutants an shit…it got me thinking, if you really wanted we could go
public? Well.. least let those x-geeks an’ my guys know we is seeing
each other?” Todd suggested laying down on the grass watching the
trees sway.

“Lance is what?” Kurt blinked moving closer to Toad and resting his
head on his chest.

“Like I said, fool. Do you got fur cloggin’ up them ears or summit?”

“No… just surprised… think he really will?”

“Eh probably not.. wouldn’t wanna piss of miss pretty Kitty, yo…
anyway… the point I’m making..”

“Ja.. that’s true… and well…I…I don’t know… I don’t think anyone
would accept it…” he said softly.. looking down sadly as he curled
against Todd more.

“Yeah, I was thinkin’ the others would all hate me… least not lookit
me the same way again an’ stuff…jus’ thought it’d make you happy?” He
looked at Kurt with a genuine look, one Kurt didn’t see often at all.

“I would but…I’m scared..I’ve been accepted… for the first time in my
life by people who love me and are friends with me, I don’t want to
go and risk that all again… and have no one”

“Man, what am I, yo? I’m here for you ain’t I?”

He nodded his head a little… was he really?


Everything was a total mess.. Lance had come out with it! Everyone
knew they were mutants… the Brotherhood and the X-Men all known for
being freaks… everything was crashing down around them.. everything..

He looked around.. what could he do? What to do?! There was so much
confusing, chaos and general panic. He looked around more and saw
Toad… he frowned. Didn’t he care everyone knew this was out? And he
was stealing! He thought their relationship was getting better that
he’d finally stopped all this…

Toad yelped when he felt something land on top of him and shove him
to the floor. “Toad… how could you?”

And for once.. Toad had nothing to say…