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One Piece Drabble : Like Flowers
by :D (pipebomb_here)
at July 3rd, 2007 (07:48 pm)

current mood: accomplished

Tittle: Like Flowers
Pair/Chars: Robin and Chopper
Promt: She smells like flowers
Rating: G
Words: 172

It’s been freakin’ ages since I did a drabble let alone a One Piece drabble so I hope this is liked~

Like Flowers

A soft breeze wafted over the ship as it sailed softly to its next destination, the light air current rustling the woman’s hair as she turned the page of her book enjoying the rare peace and quite that seemed to have descended on the Going Merry.

A little yawn broke her concentration and she glanced down seeing the small reindeer curled up on her lap, her hand running through his soft fur. She was the only one Chopper felt really at ease with. The woman was calm and collected, soft too.

He was close to the others, yes but no one knew how to relax him like the elder woman did. His body would rise and fall taking breaths, his left ear twitched a little as he snuggled into Robin’s side.

Robin watched a little longer, a soft smile on her elegant face as she continued to stroke the creature’s fur and return to reading her book.

“You smell like flowers” Chopper said sleepily and sighed contently.

Robin just chuckled.