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:D [userpic]
For X-men 100
by :D (pipebomb_here)
at July 6th, 2006 (02:29 am)

current mood: pleased

And heres a heap load of Lance/Todd for you all! =D

Well my first post... heres a massive handful.. I know I go overboard on word lengh.. heh

Title: Accidents Happen
Character/Pairing: Avalanche X Toad
Theme set: Omega [#14 Destruction]
'Verse: Evo
Rating: PG
Words: 326

Accidents Happen

They didn’t really work amazingly well as a team, since Pietro was always sure he could handle it himself, and Lance was so damn headstrong, but they were always aware of the others' actions, movements, and where they were in relation to each other in a battle.

So why was it any different this time? It was a simple slip up.

Toad shot his tongue out but missed his target. He frowned and hopped up, launching a blob of gunk at one of the X-men before he landed in his normal crouch position. It seemed everyone had their hands full, and as always, the Brotherhood were outnumbered.

Lance glared at Scott and raised his hand, his eyes going into the back of his head as the ground started to shake, and a large crack shot through the ground towards the other team's leader. The earthquake caused another rip in the road's surface, and it cracked down the road.

Todd blinked and looked down between his legs as a long crack ripped past. Lance was getting pretty careless, he mused, and looked back towards the main fight, unaware of the near-by building and the large crack that ran up the wall.

The bricked wall creaked, and a large chunk fell away and headed towards the ground. Todd blinked and saw the ground under his feet getting darker... He looked behind him with a confused look, and soon saw the shadow’s owner. His eyes grew wide and he went to hop out of the way.

A dull beeping noise filled the room, and no one spoke. The beep was the only sound, which echoed off the walls. Lance just stared, unable to do or say anything. It was his fault, all his fault. The others had said it had all been an accident, but that didn’t change how he felt.

Due to his own careless destruction, he’d lost a lot more then anyone really knew.


Title: Stepping In It
Character/Pairing: Avalanche X Toad [Hints of Avalanche/ShadowCat and Toad/Scarlet Witch]
Theme set: Omega [#21 Dig]
'Verse: Evo
Rating: PG
Words: 224

Stepping In It

“So tha’s why I have this bump on my head, yo,” he finished with a nod, and pointed to the large bump on his head.

“Man, why do you keep trying, Toad? Wanda’s never going to like you in that way,” Lance rolled his eyes, and washed his oily hands off and slung the rag in the sink.

“Naw, if I try harder she’ll come around, I jus’ know it!”

Lance gave Todd a look before he sat at the table, putting his feet up on it and his hands behind his back. “You just keep digging yourself in deeper and deeper, you know.”

“Kinda like you an’ Kitty, huh?” Todd asked with a raised eyebrow as he let his legs dangle over the table as he nursed his bump, wincing... it still hurt like a bitch...

“Shut up, it's NOTHING like that!”

“Yeah, sure…”

“At least Kitty doesn’t chuck me against walls or out windows,” Lance mumbled.

“This time it was in front of a car… didn’t know I bounced so well, yo,” he mused a little.

Lance blinked.. he was proud of being hit by a car? This was one fucked up relationship, he mused, and leaned back in his chair.

“Well, it’s fun watching you dig yourself into a hole.”

“Right back at you, baby cakes,” Todd smirked.


Title: Friends Don’t Always Need Words
Character/Pairing: Avalanche X Toad
Theme set: Omega [#27 Friend]
'Verse: Evo
Rating: PG
Words: 203

Friends Don’t Always Need Words

Lance stretched out on the sofa and flipped the channel. It was rare he got the living room all to himself, so he was going to make the most of it. He sighed a little and got comfy before he heard a familiar voice chattering away to itself.

“Yo,” Todd said, and gave a slight wave to the other teen as he hopped onto the sofa, peering down at the other.

Lance just nodded his head at the younger boy as he carried on watching the TV. He knew from experience the best way to get peace was to keep quiet and not get into a conversation with Toad, as he sometimes tended to never shut up...

“So…” Todd started, and slipped off the top of the sofa and landed at Lance’s feet, streatching himself out a little.


“I dunno, jus’ wanted to chill, yo.” He gave a slight grin and shuffled closer to him.

Lance raised an eyebrow and moved himself so he was sitting up, giving the other room to join him. Todd grinned and leaned against him, stretching his legs on the sofa and nuzzling against the older teen with a grin.

“Thanks, yo.”


Title: Our Little Differences
Character/Pairing: Avalanche X Toad
Theme set: Omega [#23 Hands]
'Verse: Evo
Rating: PG
Words: 225

Our Little Differences

Todd yawned and leaned back against Lance and looked up at him a little with heavy lidded eyes.

The older male looked at the toad-like teenager between his legs and wrapped his arms around his waist and rested his chin on the top of his head, looking a little bored. He felt a little guilty that he used Todd as a way to pass time, but it didn’t seem the other minded… he shrugged it off and felt Todd’s clammy hands on his. He glanced down and took one of the webbed hands in his.

“I always thought these were kind of gross,” he mumbled, and touched the webbing between his fingers, making Todd to chuckle.

“Man, don’t! They're sensitive, yo!”

“Oh... well, they're still freaky.”

“Yeah, I know,” Todd said, and looked at the webbing himself. “Thas’ why I tried to cut it off when I was little.. kids always picked on me an’ shit,” he shrugged, and clenched his hands into fists.

“You tried to what?” Lance frowned, and flicked Todd’s nose, causing him to yelp and whine.

“Get rid of them, yo.” He rubbed his nose and gave Lance a harsh glare before he opened his mouth to speak again. “I mean, you even think they're bad..”

“Hey... I said they're freaky, I didn’t say I didn’t like them.”

Title: Don't Make Me Promise
Character/Pairing: Avalanche X Toad [Adult set when they join SHIELD cus you see it in like one of the last scenes of the last ep =3]
Theme set: Omega [#45 Promise]
'Verse: Evo
Rating: PG
Words: 235

Don’t Make Me Promise

“Toad, just shut up,” said an annoyed voice, followed by a low rumbling sound which shook the house, knocking the last remaining pictures to the floor with a smash.

“Not till you promise!” came the reply.

Lance just grumbled and looked at the shorter male. He brushed his long, dark hair back and calmed himself. He wasn’t a child anymore, he should be able to deal with his emotions better.

“...please?” Todd asked softly, flopping down on the sofa and letting his own long and tangled hair fall over his shoulders.

“Look, we both knew this wasn’t going to be an easy ride, and we all went for it. Even Pyro stuck around with us,” Lance mumbled, and leaned against the wall, folding his arms.

Lance was right, and he knew that. He knew from the moment the Brotherhood joined with S.H..I.E.L.D. they’d have trouble, much bigger missions then they ever had to deal with in their teenhood... but he still didn’t have to LIKE it.

He remained silent, just gazing down at his feet until he felt the sofa dip down under Lance’s weight, and soon felt an arm around his shoulders, pulling him close.

“You know I don’t break promises, Toad… don’t make me break it.”

That was the last thing Lance said as he kissed the smaller man on the forehead and got up, heading to the door.


Posted by: :D (pipebomb_here)
Posted at: July 6th, 2006 02:53 pm (UTC)

I'm also gunna work on more 'The Problem With Secrets' cus I feel too behind on it.. xD

you got aim at all? =3

Posted by: like a herd of turtles (poto_heart)
Posted at: July 6th, 2006 02:59 pm (UTC)

AIM? Yep, I'm on it pretty much 24/7, my SN's SparkInDaDarkINC.

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